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FDA-Approved Water-Based Technology Works Without Toxic Chemicals

What You Don't Know Can Make You Sick!

You're not surprised the sanitizers and disinfectants that are on store shelves don't work as advertised. What happens after you apply these harsh chemicals? ...You have ZERO protection against germs after they dry!

My-Shield products destroy germs fast!

The disinfectant cleaners you use to kill germs generally have very harsh chemicals (like bleach) and only kill germs when they are wet (approx 30-60 seconds) then ... You have ZERO protection against germs after they dry!

Pathogen protection for your hands & body for hours!

The My-Shield Hand Sanitizer and Body Spray is alcohol-free, formulated good for your skin, doesn't wash off with soap & water, andDESTROYS GERMS for up to 4 hours instead of only 30-60 seconds

Pathogen protection for all types of surfaces!

The My-Shield Hospital Grade antimicrobial surface product is EPA-registered and FDA-approved safe for food contact and it will DESTROY PATHOGENS for up to 28 days without reapplication!

About Us

About Us

Next Level Products was founded by two men that have been best of friends since meeting in college, and when Covid-19 was rampant we could not find the “whole story” about products that are supposed to protect us from germs. This lack of information for germ protection turned out to be a life and death important for one of them because he was recovering from a third go-round with cancer and his immune system was non-existent. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc in virtually every segment of our economy and our way of life, we decided to do something about it and help people find the best information and products for everyone’s health. It’s a scary place to be when it feels like everywhere you go some kind of germ is trying to make you very sick.

Since we didn’t have access to billions of dollars to create a vaccine, we thought the best thing to do would be to find a group of products that would be able to destroy not only viruses but bacteria, mold, and fungi which together make tens of millions of people around the world sick each year. So, what are the products that are supposed to be our protectors against the daily battle with “germs”? Up until recently, there has been basically one type of technology to kill germs. All sanitizing or disinfecting products have an “active” ingredient (harsh chemicals) which only works as long as the product is wet so when it dries it has no more ability to kill any more germs. So, learning this important fact we were shocked that there wasn’t a better way to protect us from germs.

From that point forward we were committed to finding answers from anyone and anywhere to the ultimate question. “What happens after we use the recommended hand sanitizers and cleaning disinfectants”? The answer is completely unacceptable for both products.

1) Hand Sanitizers – Before Covid-19 using a hand sanitizer was a once in a while thing instead of applying it multiple times per day as we do now. Here is the answer to the previous question, “you have zero protection from pathogens as soon as the alcohol dries on your skin (approx. 30 seconds or less).

2) Disinfectant Cleaning products – The recommended disinfectant products use harsh chemicals (need to use gloves) to apply to the surfaces that we touch every day. The answer is the same as before which is “you have zero protection from pathogens as soon as the product dries (approx. 30 seconds or less).

Does it make any sense to you that in this high-tech world we live in that the products recommended for us to use (70% alcohol content hand sanitizers and the hundreds of toxic chemicals in disinfectants) are the best choices available? We thought there had to be better & safer products to use. After many months of research, we discovered a manufacturer of EPA-registered and FDA-approved products that used new patented technology. So now, we get to provide safe products that destroy pathogens to keep your family worry free.

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