How does the Zetrisil® nanotechnology work?

Zetrisil combines water, silicon, magnetic energy, and nanotechnology to effectively kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses with persistence (for an extended period of time). Utilizing a combination of Zetrisil and conventional quaternary compounds provides a more comprehensive approach to killing microbial and viral contaminants.

Is the Zetrisil® nanotechnology a quaternary compound?

The Zetrisil® proprietary formula is not a quaternary compound but it is combined with conventional quaternary compounds to create an exceptionally strong covalent bond with surfaces which establishes a barrier for pathogens not to survive any contact with it for an extended period of time.

Do My-Shield sanitizers and disinfectants give off gases during or after application?

No, they do not. They do not leach onto other surfaces or off-gas onto other surfaces or in the environment. The proprietary formulation establishes an antimicrobial barrier on the surface.

How long can the My-Shield disinfectant products keep killing germs?

The cured antimicrobial product's life span depends on a number of factors. Part of the challenge of longevity is how was the surface prepared and cleaned. Treating a dirty or unstable surface decreases the effectiveness of the antimicrobial. Abrasive or caustic cleaners can shorten the effective life of a treated surface. Therefore, the My-Shield sanitizing product designed for longevity should not have to be reapplied approximately every 28 days depending on these factors.

What kind of preparation is needed for treatment?

We recommend disinfecting surfaces with an EPA registered List N disinfectant like the (2) My-Shield products that are on the EPA "N" list. They are the Hospital Grade Disinfectant or the Broad Spectrum Disinfectant.

How do you handle contaminated surfaces?

Any Virus, bacteria, mold, and fungi can be extremely hazardous. Severe contamination with hazardous organisms may require extreme cleaning protocols similar to those for asbestos removal. For normal decontamination, non-porous surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned (many industries require that you disinfect with an EPA "N" List product including two products from My-Shield) before applying any My-Shield sanitizers or disinfectants to the surface to insure.

How is the My-Shield antimicrobial surface cleaner applied?

You can use a standard fine mist spray bottle for everyday application. Either buy a (32 oz preferable) ready to use from Next Level Products or buy a (1) gallon container and pour the product into a standard empty 32 oz spray bottle. The other option is to use an electrostatic sprayer (usually clients contact one of our partner companies to do the service) which is the most complete coverage possible.

Are alcohol-free hand sanitizers as effective as alcohol ones?

The short answer again is yes. In a study published by The Journal of Hospital Infection, alcohol-free alternatives were tested and found to be extremely effective against SARS-CoV-2 (established as the progenitor of the coronavirus). A copy of this published study and additional studies or technical information concerning alcohol-free hand sanitizers is posted under the "Science" tab on this website. The My-Shield hand sanitizer has passed dozens of studies and with exceptional performance in the field, it is FDA-approved for OTC use.

Does the extended protection mean I can clean and less often?

The short answer is no, Extended protection means you have antimicrobial protection on surfaces for up to 28 days (depending on the product used) before you have to reapply. Your regularly scheduled cleanings should still be done to keep a clean surface for the Zetrisil process of physically killing pathogens is working at its best.

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